Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Reducing documentation costs

Most operator's instruction sheets for products can reduce costs by reducing the amount of text needed for the instructions. The more visual instructions can be, with less text, means less text needing to be translated for other languages. This is just another small way to help reduce production costs. When was the last time you have evaluated your product's instruction sheet?

security device illustration

Unique Patents

You can patent just about anything that is unique. Here is a picture frame patent drawing from our archives showing a person with great contorsional skills. We are not taking a political side, but this does kind of reminds us of the political climate taking place today among all politicians. Why can't our leaders just be Americans striving for what's best for the country? We hope this makes you smile and that you will not take offense.
illustration of filed patent


Friday, September 9, 2016

Help Make America

We came across the “I Make America” movement today and wanted to share it. The one thing TPA believes that has made and continues to make America great is her people. Each of us is one part of the “I” that make America what it is today. 

I Make America