Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Importance of Illustrations

Ag Tine Illustration
Many companies, when it comes to their products and brand identity, spend a lot of hours, money, and/or manpower in creating their image. If you look at large farm machinery, construction equipment, or auto manufacturers, you can usually tell who built the product by the color scheme, design features, or product markings. And the distinction doesn’t stop with the actual product. If you open their owner’s manuals, parts catalogs, or marketing materials, you will see their documentation has a distinctive look while still following industry standards. Corporate branding uses specific colors, a certain type face, layout style, or even illustrations that are created using a consistent style. Large companies have the revenue and manpower to build a consistent brand from the product to the documentation. Now, how can small to mid-sized companies achieve this same brand recognition without the available resources of a large company?  
Ag Tine Illustration

The quality of a product is not determined by the size of the company.  Many small companies produce products as good as, if not better, than some of the Fortune 100 and 500 giants.  So how do you overcome your limited resources or manpower?  This is where Technical Publication Associates (TPA) can help expand your resources.  We have 20+ years in writing, designing, and illustrating owner’s manuals, parts catalogs, assembly or installation instructions, and service manuals.  We take pride in helping small manufacturers create effective, clear, and concise documentation for their products.  With our large client base, we are able to provide smaller companies with an off-site technical documentation department on an as-needed basis.  In addition to our technical writers, we have technical illustrators that can produce illustrations which give your manuals or marketing materials a distinctive look and feel.  Working together we can begin to create brand loyalty for your products.

The illustration examples show variations of a product from a simple line drawing that can be used in a parts book to a complex photo-realistic drawing possibly used for marketing.  Each style of drawing has its own unique ability to promote your brand at an affordable cost.
Ag Tine Illustration

Nicklaus Hernan, Art Director / Illustrator TPA, Inc.