Friday, April 20, 2012

Being Versatile with Vector

For clients in need of marketing material which maximizes value in today’s economy, Vector Based artwork is clearly the preferred option.  Illustrators who are capable of working in this media create a product which can be reduced or increased in size with no loss of detail to the illustration.  This process also provides for re-coloration of the image along with the addition and subtraction of features for various applications.

Illustration of Blue 54 Chevy Pickup

As seen in the various renderings of a 1954 Chevy Pickup, the color and features can be easily changed to meet any potential requirements that might arise.  This same idea applies to illustrators whose creativity encompasses the larger picture, for the creation of illustrations which can be easily modified for use by more than one client.

Illustration of 54 Fire Dept. Chevy Pickup

Nicklaus Hernan, Art Director / Illustrator  TPA, Inc.

Illustration of Yellow 54 Chevy Pickup

Illustration of Police 54 Chevy Pickup

Illustration of Purple 54 Chevy Pickup

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Client Praise for TPA

TPA worked closely with Premier Fabrication, Inc. to create an assembly and operations manual for their Barge Spout. This product is used to convey grain from a riverside grain storage facility into a barge at the river’s edge.
Barge Spout Manual cover

This is the feedback they received from one of their customers, “The Operational Manual is awesome. Good work to your design team. This is one of the better assembly manuals I’ve seen in our industry for quite some time. GROWMARK.”